Career Highlights:

- British Championships GS, Pralognan La Vanoise, FRA, 2019

- British Championships Sprint, Pralognan La Vanoise, FRA, 2019

- World Cup Sprint, Pralognan La Vanoise, FRA, 2019

Magnus began telemark skiing at the age of 12. Put onto telemark skis at a young age and taking after his father, Magnus soon found his love for the sport. A childhood of alpine skiing and racing stood Magnus in good stead for telemark racing, and after his first appearance at the British Telemark Championships in 2015 he was made a member of the GB Telemark C Team.

However due to unfortunate knee related injuries (not helped by school rugby) Magnus was unable to race for two consecutive seasons. In the 2018/19 season, Magnus worked hard training with the British team, which put him in good stead for the 2019 British Championships, where he achieved two silver medals; resulting in his re-selection for the C Team. With his first World Cup under his belt, where he achieved a ‘top 30’, Magnus is in a good position as he finishes school, and will be able to pursue telemark racing further in his gap year.