Career Highlights:

- Aspen Open 2019, Slopestyle

- Mammoth NorAm, Slopestyle, Mammoth California, 2020

I have been skiing since I was two years old. My parents put me in a racing program, but I would always leave the race course and go ski in the trees. I finally convinced them to put me in a freestyle program when I was eight, and I skied moguls up until I was fifteen. Slopestyle really appealed to me, because I loved the variety and freedom that you have, so I made the switch over and started competing. I was always super inspired by the ski edits that park skiers put out, and the relaxed attitude a lot of them have. Henrick Harlaut really inspires me, because he is always having so much fun while he is skiing, and I think that really contributes to his success.