Career Highlights:

- British Ski Halfpipe, Tignes, FRA, 2015

- Winter Olympic Games, Sochi, RUS, 2014

- British Ski Halfpipe, Tignes, FRA, 2013

- US Rev Tour, Halfpipe, Copper Mountain, 2015

Murray started skiing when he was about 7 years old at the local dry slope in Edinburgh called Hillend. At first he hated it because he couldn’t do it, but then learnt to love it. The better he got, the more he fell in love with the sport.

He started to get noticed by the guys working at the slope and also some of the local riders from Freeze Pro Shop, and started to ski with them. They all helped him and gave him the motivation he needed to get better.

Murray then started to compete around Scotland at various events. After getting sponsored by Freeze, he began travelling around the country to compete, and started getting semi decent results for such a youngster against all the older guys he looked up to: Andy Bennett, Paddy Graham and Tom Last, to name a few. They encouraged him to keep competing.

Once Murray had finished school he went full time: skiing in the winter and the summer - he hasn’t looked back since!

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