Career Highlights:

- International Race, FRA

I am in 5th year of school and am at higher level. I have been skiing since I was 2 years old and am now part of the British Nordic Youth Cross Country Ski team.

I am aiming for the European Youth Olympic Festival in 2017 along with World Juniors. EYOF has been my aim since two of my older brothers went and the opportunity to represent my country at international level has always been one of my aspirations. Seeing the senior athletes develop and progress to such incredible standards encourages me to strive to that level which helps me through every challenging session.

In the long run I hope to go to the Winter Olympics for the atmosphere and experience that every participant has always mentioned as a highlight. In addition to this the idea of representing my country at such a high standard appeals greatly.

Shout out to my parents who have always supported me and are allowing me to reach my goals. Thanks to my school who have always given me time off to go abroad for training and racing, as well as giving me the opportunity to train during school time. And thanks also to my coaches who have given me the ability to reach my goals and  are constantly helping me to improve.