Career Highlights:

- 7.5km F, EYOF, Sarajevo, BIH, 2019

- U18 Sprint, French National Event, FRA, 2018

- U20 Sprint, French National Event, FRA, 2018

- SP 1.2km F, Juniors, Idre Fjäll, SWE, 2018

- SP 1km F, Juniors, Idre Fjäll, SWE, 2017

Beinn is a member of Ski Nordic Chartreuse, and studies at the University of Grenoble Alps. (Grenoble University helps promising athletes to achieve both sporting and academic success by customizing their timetables.)

He started nordic skiing at the age of 9 when some athletes (including GB Cross Country Elite Squad's James Clugnet) came to the annual fair in his village and setup a lazer biathlon course in the grass - after that he was hyped about biathlon, joined the local club and fell in love with cross country skiing. Beinn's parents love the challenge, fun and adrenalin of many sports, which is why they moved to the French alps and why they're so supportive of Beinn. They got him into the whole "sport mania" at a very young age.

To see British athletes, Andrew Musgrave and James Clugnet, being serious potential Olympic medal winners is very encouraging to Beinn.

For the 2019/20 season, Beinn's main goal is to qualify for the Junior world championships. His big goal in cross country skiing is to become a professional and a serious competitor at the Olympics. His dream would be to get a medal, but he’ll take it step by step and hopefully work his way up to achieving his dream!