Career Highlights:

- 7.5k Skate U18, British Nordic Championships, Ruhpolding, GER, 2019

- 7.5k Classic U16, Austrian Nordic Championships, AUT, 2019

Although hailing from Somerset, where the snow settles very rarely, Tristan has somehow managed to become a Nordic skier. Intrigued originally at 11 by a biathlon story from his headteacher, Tristan and his Dad set about searching for a way into the Nordic World. Coming across Ian Ballentine from; Tristan had his first taste of the sport just before starting secondary school, instantly becoming hooked. Just half a year later, Tristan was invited to join BNDS and attended his first training camp in Scotland in the summer of 2016. Since then he has traveled around Europe with the Squad making the best use of his time on Snow visiting Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria and Slovenia; both training and racing. In early 2019 he was also selected to represent Britain at an International Biathlon event in Sweden. Watching British athletes make their mark in the world of Snowsport is always inspiring to see; especially in recent years witnessing athletes like Musgrave, Young and Clugnet giving even the Scandinavians a run for their money. Beginning sixth form this year, Tristan also hopes to qualify for the February 2021 European Youth Olympics being held in Finland; thanking his coaches, friends, school and most importantly his family for being so supportive and getting him this far.