Career Highlights:

- Youth Olympic Games, Lausanne, SUI, 2020

Born in the French Alps Molly started skiing when she was 3 years old. At the age of 6 she joined the local alpine ski club. Molly spent a number of years training and racing on alpine skis but, as more of an endurance athlete, she soon realised that skiing downhill fast wasn't really her thing. Molly made the switch to skinny skis at the age of 11 and has raced locally and nationally on the nordic ski circuit in France ever since. She competes in France for her local nordic ski club - Les Gets Ski Competition. Initially Molly tried out biathlon (her older brother Jacques is a biathlete) but after missing 19 out of 20 targets in a single race she decided she should perhaps just stick to skiing!  Molly joined the British Nordic Development Squad in August 2019 and attended her first GB training camp in October 2019. After her first international races in Sweden in December of 2019 Molly achieved the qualifying standard for the Youth Olympic Games. She represented Team GB at the Lausanne 2020 event.   Molly attends a lycee (6th form college) in Chamonix where, along with her academic studies, she is also training to become a nordic ski instructor. She loves drawing, painting and sewing, anything arty really. She would like to study art at university and follow an artistic career of some sort.