27 March 2017

Sunny skies for Super G as action gets underway at Delancey British National Alpine Ski Championships 2017

The Delancey British National Alpine Ski Championships 2017 kicked off in impressive fashion today, after racers had to wait an extra day before tackling two Super G races, the National Championships and National Junior Championships, under the bright blue skies of snowy Tignes.

After heavy snow fell on Saturday night and into Sunday morning, racing had to be postponed for 24 hours to allow the race piste to be prepared, meaning the action began today. With some great racing on display, Iain Innes and Cara Brown claimed the National Championships Super G titles, and in the National Junior Championships Super G, Billy Major was crowned Men’s U21 Champion, and Jessica Anderson was Ladies U21 Champion.In the U18 category, Leo Karavasili was the Men’s Champion, and Abigail Bruce was  Ladies Champion.

In the Delancey British National Championships (NC), Iain Innes (1.22.74) came off the back of a solid season to beat his closest rival Billy Major (1.23.28) by just under a second, and Zak Vinter (1.25.51) took third place overall. Ryan Brown was fastest Under 18 male and Sam Todd-Saunders won the fastest non-team male British athlete prize.

British Ladies's NC Super G: 1.Cara Brown 2. Jessica Anderson 3. Honor Clissold | British Men's NC Super G: 1. Iain Innes 2. Billy Major 3. Zak Vinter 


For the Ladies in the NC, Cara Brown (1.24.60) showed that she was back to form following her knee injury at the end of last season to claim the title of Ladies British National Super G Champion, and also taking the overall win in the International race. Behind Brown in the British NC was Jessica Anderson (1.25.94) in second place and Honor Clissold (1.26.58) in third place. Abi Bruce was fastest Under 18 female and Natalia Harte won the fastest non-team female British athlete prize.

Iain Innes said: “It feels so great to be British Champion, I’m so happy. I knew it was possible, because I knew I could beat Billy, but I knew it was going to be hard. I had a really good first run and gave it everything. There were a couple of little things that I could improve on but it takes time and experience to be able to do that.This is my first senior British title, I’ve had Under-18 titles before, so it’s massive for me.”

Cara Brown said: “I’m so happy that I can come back a year after having a big injury and win a national title. The girls who finished behind me were really not that far behind, so it was nice to see that the younger girls are pushing on, especially in the speed events.
I definitely had a lot of hope that I could be on the top of the podium coming into today, but I haven’t really done much speed this year so I had no idea how it was going to go. I’m really happy that I came through the finish and the time matched up with how I felt.”

Cara Brown in today's Super G | Photo Credit: Vanessa Fry Photography


In the Delancey British National Junior Championships (NJC) Super G, podium prizes were awarded to the top three fastest Under 21 and Under 18 men and women.

In the Men’s competition, Billy Major (1.22.14) came back from the disappointment of a mistake in his NC run to beat rival Iain Innes (1.23.48) into second place and claim the British Under 21 NJC crown. Zak Vinter (1.24.68) again skied well to claim third place on the podium. Leonidas Karavasili (1.28.25) stepped up on his NC run to claim the Under 18 men’s NJC Super G title ahead of Scott Buchan (1.28.76) who was second. In joint third place was Kieran Troup and Leone Tarantelli, who both finished in a time of 1.29.04.

In the Ladies British National Junior Championships race, Jessica Anderson (1.27.44) put in another strong performance, this time to win the Under 21 NJC Super G title ahead of Honor Clissold (1.28.78) who took second and Francesca Lee (1.30.21) in third place. Abigail Bruce had a great race, clocking the second fastest overall Junior time, and taking the Under 18 NJC Super G crown. Alicja Krahelski (1.33.57) took second place, with Kathryn Bailey (1.38.71) in third place.

British Ladies' NJC U21: 1. Jess Anderson 2. Honor Clissold 3. Francesca Lee | British Men's NJC U21: 1. Billy Major 2. Iain Innes 3. Zak Vinter

British Ladies' NJC U18: 1. Abi Bruce 2. Alicja Krahelski 3. Kathryn Bailey  | British Men's NJC U18: 1. Leonidas Karavasili 2. Scott Buchan 3. Kieran Troup/ Leone Tarantulas

Billy Major said: “You could say it has been a good day at the office, but it could have been better, especially in the NC.I was a bit annoyed with how my first race went, but I don’t want to dwell on it too much. I had a much better second run, but it was still a bit scrappy.”

Leonidas Karavasili said: “It was a good result for me. There is still a lot of time to be made, but I’m happy to be ahead of the rest of the Brits in my age category at the moment. It’s promising for the future, but I need to build up some more strength and get quicker still if I want to be in the world rankings.”

Jessica Anderson said: “I’m really pleased, especially because I haven’t been doing a lot of speed training. I definitely could have done a lot better, I had a few mistakes but you’re never going to have a completely perfect race. I won the Super-G last year so while I’m a little disappointed not to have won again, I’m still happy with the silver. This is my first National Championship medal since stepping up to Under-21 level so it’s good.”

Abigail Bruce said: “Today went a lot better than I thought it would, so I’m pretty happy. My skiing was much better than it has been recently. I’m glad it has come together in time for the British Championships. I was so ready for it, I just needed the confidence boost. I’ve never had a national title before, so it’s nice to be able to say I’m a British Champion!”

Full results from today are on the British Ski and Snowboard website:

Delancey British National Alpine Ski Championships – National Championships Super G: http://teambss.org.uk/sites/default/files/Super%20G%20NC%20Results%20%26%20Penalty%20.pdf

Startlists for tomorrow's Downhill training can also be found on this page.

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