01 March 2016

Speed Skier Jan Farrell Chases World Cup Podium Glory

British speed skier, Jan Farrell, has kicked off the 2016 ski season with his sights firmly fixed on a podium finish at this year’s unlimited S1 category FIS World Cup.  As he enters his second season in the competition, Jan has set an ambitious goal of achieving 250kmh on skis, aiming to break Marc Poncin’s 11 year British record of 245.230km/h.

During Jan’s first season in the S1 category, the fast-moving Brit reached a personal best speed of 143.946m/h during a World Record attempt in Vars, making him the third fastest speed skier in British history and number one in 2015 – all in his first year of competing in the sport.

This year’s World Cup competition, which commences on 2nd March in Sun Peaks, Canada, will see the Lancastrian in hot pursuit of current speed skiing record holder Simone Origone, who along with Jan became the only ski racer to pass the 200km/h barrier last season.

In preparation for Canada, Jan has bolstered his team to include aeronautic experts, professional ski coaches and a multidisciplinary medical team; as well as numerous manufacturers to assist in the build of his specialist equipment. Thanks to biomechanical studies, analysis of race and training video feedback, and Cambridge University wind-tunnel intelligence, Jan has been able to develop specific training techniques by separately controlling the speed and power of the concentric and eccentric phases of each exercise – allowing him to better prepare for the physical and mental challenges ahead.

A sport that requires perfect balance, strength and nerves of steel, skiers need to ensure equipment is of the highest quality and be armed with the latest technology. In order to maintain a more aerodynamic position and reduce drag coefficient, Jan has joined forces with Swiss textile producer Schoeller and French ski equipment factory Jonathan & Fletcher to launch a new type of speed suit made out of a mixture of polyester, polyurethane and elastodiene – increasing flexibility and creating a sleeker approach to the slopes.

Commenting on his upcoming World Cup aspirations, Jan said: “Last season it was important to gain experience and a better understanding of the top category and, although I achieved a personal best in Vars, I’m hungry to exceed expectations and reach podium status this year. 

“The surrounding environment really changes at these high speeds and the equipment required to succeed is completely different, therefore we’ve worked hard to invest in training and R&D for the season ahead, taking every detail into account.”

Following the first stage of the S1 category FIS World Cup, the competition will move to Andorra for the ‘flying kilometre’ stage of the race, which is due to take place between 10th  and 13th March.

Follow Jan’s training and World Cup progress by visiting: www.facebook.com/farrelling .

Watch Jan make his personal best time in Vars here: https://youtu.be/dhw7MjTvOcg.


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