27 August 2020


By Sam Bolton, GB Snowsport Ski Jumper


"The first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies - because altogether they tell a story of victory through hardship and individually they have comedic brilliance that, at times seems completely accidental. I love watching the Pirates movies with my family and the movies always spark conversations."



"The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien - this book is about learning that there is more outside of your own small world that you know and feel comfortable in. Bilbo is whisked away on a fantastic journey, along which he changes fundamentally becoming stronger and wiser."



"The Art of Peer Pressure by Kendrick Lamar - technically this song is put together very well, it tells a detailed story while also sounding great. I listen to this when I want to chill out or when I am on a run, the beat allows a decent rhythm. This is one of my favourite songs."



"Joe Rogan, I listen to his podcasts which are thoroughly entertaining, he has interesting guests and overall the podcasts make you think and can challenge your own preconceptions, or just make you laugh." 



"Running, I run twice a week on average, usually 10 or 11km each time. Running lets you zone out and focus purely on one thing, be it the music you are listening to or the area you are running through. It acts as a reset button and allows you to contemplate somethings more logically than perhaps you otherwise would."


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