25 March 2016

Ryding equals Baxter’s record as Brown seals GS victory and overall National title at Delancey British Champs

Press release: 25 March 2016 


Ryding equals Baxter’s record as Brown seals GS victory and overall National title at Delancey British Champs


Day six of the Delancey British National Alpine Ski Championships saw World Cup finalist Dave Ryding dominate the field in the uvex Men’s National Championships Slalom, equaling Alain Baxter’s record of seven British Slalom titles, and Cara Brown take the win in the uvex Ladies’ National Championships GS.


Today was also the conclusion of the National Championships races, with Cara Brown being crowned the overall British National Champion and winning the Sir John Ritblat Victor Ludorum Trophy, with Max Baggio runner-up.


Brown also secured the Ladies’ overall title with Alex Tilley in second and Nicole Ritchie in third. The award for the Non-team Ladies’ prize went to Lucinda Dilworth, with Yasmin Cooper claiming the Under 18 overall title.


For the men, Baggio was the overall Men’s title winner, with Paul Henderson in second and Iain Innes in third. Jake Lismore won the Non-team prize and Iain Innes secured the Under 18 overall title.


Cara Brown commented after being crowned Overall British National Champion:


“I wasn’t sure that I had won the overall title because I knew Max [Baggio] was in contention and wasn’t sure how he had got on today.It’s good because last year he beat me and I was second – so I got him back this year.Its always nice to get one over the guys and it is cool when a girl wins it. This is the second time I’ve won it so I’m happy with that, and the third time in a row I’ve won the ladies’ overall title.”


In the uvex Men’s National Championships Slalom, no-one could touch Ryding as he took the win in an overall time of 1.30.70, 5.06 seconds ahead of second placed Brit Laurie Taylor (1.35.76) who sneaked ahead of Alex Barounos (1.36.17). Barounos was in second position after run one, but got pushed down into third by Taylor after he put in a strong performance on the second run. The fastest Under 18 was again Iain Innes (1.39.79), who has claimed all the Under 18 titles so far in the Championships.


Dave Ryding said:


“The goal was to win the British and the overall and I got a really good first run down, so for me it was pretty much signed, sealed and delivered. Obviously I had to get down on the second run so it was just making sure that I didn’t do anything stupid and got the job done. I always feel proud winning the national title and Alain Baxter has won it seven times and I really wanted to equal that. I’ve got seven now, so it makes me really proud to prove I’m still the number one in Britain.


On paper it looks easy but paper can rip pretty quickly, so you have to get the job done.I’d inspected the course and I knew what I was going to do and I trusted my own ability.


Good skiing is all I want to do, results are important but it’s about how you ski as well.I’ve enjoyed my time at the British Champs – it has been good. It’s the first year I’ve been able to finish the World Cup season and be safe enough in the top 30 with ranking points that I can just focus on the British.


Right now I’ve got to focus on getting better and hunting down that top 15 in the world next season if I can.First things first is to stay healthy and not take any unnecessary risks. Then it’s to push through the summer when I’m ready to push.”


In the uvex Ladies’ National Championships GS, Cara Brown (2.28.21) claimed the title after Alex Tilley, who was leading after run one, DNF on the second run. In second place was Alice Macaulay (2.33.35) who put in two solid runs to clock a faster combined time than third placed Nicole Ritchie (2.34.65). BSS Development Group and English Alpine Squad athlete Lucinda Dilworth (2.38.92) skied two good runs to finish as fastest Under 18 athlete.


Cara Brown said:


“It’s just a big relief because I thought with that second run, it was all gone. It was so bumpy and you couldn’t see anything and then I made a massive mistake up the top. I was just like ‘oh god, keep going’.


Obviously it is exactly how I wanted it to go this week, but it wasn’t how I expected it to go. I’m so happy though. It’s definitely one of the most pleasing results of my career.


It’s a shame that Tilley DNF’d because it would have been really cool to compare my time to hers and then be up on the podium with her – whether I was in front of her or behind her, that would have been really good.It’s a shame she came out but I’ve never won this title before, so I’m happy with that.Its nice to get gold. I was kind of expecting a week of silvers, so this was above my expectations, which means I’m really happy.”


Full results from today’s Men’s NC Slalom and Ladies’ NC GS will be posted on the British Ski and Snowboard website: www.teambss.org.uk or can be found here http://data.fis-ski.com/alpine-skiing/results.html


Tomorrow is the Delancey Ladies’ British NJC Slalom Championships and the Men’s British NJC GS Championships.


To follow the progress of the Delancey British National Alpine Ski Championships and all the results visit www.teambss.org.uk or follow @teambss on Twitter.


Principal sponsor Delancey has now supported the British National Alpine Ski Championships for 6 years and Chairman of Delancey’s Advisory Board and British Ski and Snowboard president, Sir John Ritblat, has sponsored the sport for 39 years – the longest standing personal sponsorship for a sport. For more information visit www.delancey.com

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