Photo by Tom Bause
15 October 2019

GB Snowsport Selection Policy

GB Snowsport are pleased to publish an overarching Selection Policy to encompass all of the GBS Olympic disciplines squad and competition selection criteria.

The aim of the overarching policy is to guide the process of selection of athletes to GBS Squads and Competition Teams to ensure a reasonable, robust and consistent Selection Process.

The Policy sets out the Objectives, the Purpose, the make-up of the Selection Panel, the basic eligibility criteria athletes must meet in order to be considered for selection, and the GBS Selection Appeals Process.

The Policy is designed so that all Squad Selection Criteria for Olympic disciplines should be published nine months ahead of the start of the season to which they apply. All competition criteria are published by 30th September of the season to which they apply. Criteria for Telemark and Speed Ski Squads will also be included in the document, following the same timelines as the Olympic disciplines.

The Selection Policy is published on the GB Snowsport website under 'Selection Policies' - click here.

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