21 June 2019

GB Snowsport forms partnership with AFPST

There is now a genuine pathway for Parasnowsport athletes to progress from competitive talent into world class programmes following a partnership between GB Snowsport and the Armed Forces Para Snowsport Team.

The AFPST – a charity which aids the recovery of wounded, injured and sick military personnel and veterans – has not only helped countless servicemen and women get involved in snowsport, but has also played a crucial role in helping the likes of snowboarder Owen Pick and nordic skier Scott Meenagh qualify for the Winter Paralympics.

Following its merger with British Parasnowsport in 2018, GB Snowsport is now responsible for delivering World Class Programmes across the Paralympic disciplines, and while the current crop of athletes scored unprecedented success in PyeongChang and at the 2019 World Championships, the next generation of stars needs looking after.

With the AFPST’s proven ability to not only get new participants involved but also to nurture talented athletes to the sport’s biggest stages, it was only fitting that a strategic alliance was formed with GB Snowsport. As part of the agreement, GB Snowsport will assist aspiring athletes from a non-military background to gain access to existing AFPST programmes with the hope of identifying and developing talent from a wider pool than ever before.

“This partnership has really great upsides for both organisations,” said Jayne Kavanagh, GB Snowsport Head of Culture and Paralympic operations. “AFPST have been really successful in providing access to the sport at a grassroots level as well as bringing talented athletes through to the highest levels with dedicated programmes and expert coaching.

“They deliver a genuine performance pathway which is exactly what we need across all GB Parasnowsport disciplines, and by formalising our partnership with AFPST, it means we can hit the ground running and maximise the momentum in this space.

“Our commitment is to ensure AFPST will benefit from the professionalism GB Snowsport brings from running successful, medal-winning World Class programmes, while GB Snowsport has a ready-made pathway to identify and develop talent to deliver in Beijing and beyond. It’s now a win-win situation on both sides.”

GB Snowsport was present this week at AFPST’s annual Newcomers Event at Tamworth Snowdome where nervous and eager participants attempted alpine skiing, snowboarding and nordic skiing for the first time.

As part of the new agreement, those involved came from both military and non-military backgrounds, with coaches and current athletes who have been supported through the AFPST system assisting at the event.

The video below provides a snapshot of this week's Newcomers Event at Tamworth Snowdome.


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