27 June 2018

Delancey's Ones to Watch: Mia Brookes - Blog #4

A truly epic winter has now finally come to an end for snowboarding young gun Mia Brookes. In her final blog for 2017/18 in Delancey's Ones to Watch, we find out about the back end of the season and what she has planned for the coming months.

Tell us about your trip in April to Laax for The BRITS? How long were you there for? Were you on a training camp ahead of the comp? How was The BRITS and what else have you been up to at the end of the season?

I went out to Laax for The BRITS & pre-BRITS week with my dad; we had a fun week and it was great to catch up with everybody for the first time this season - shredding Laax together was awesome! I competed in all the events at The BRITS, but my best comps were halfpipe and big air: I came third overall in pipe behind Lesley (McKenna) and Maisie (Hill) and I won the overall Big Air title - I was so happy! 

Straight from The BRITS we drove to Kaprun for the World Rookie Tour finals. The set up was insane - so big. With the whole world there I was hoping to make top 10 in the qualification runs (six go to finals) but I came through in third! I was stoked with my run and getting through to the finals day. As usual this year, the weather was hit-and-miss and we had to wait until Saturday to run finals. Finals day was so good; the riding in the finals was mental. I stomped my first run and was in third going into run two which I didn't land, but run one was enough for third place - SO STOKED!.

At the end of the winter my best three scores from the five comps I did put me in first place on the World Rookie Tour rankings!

We see you won some prizemoney as part of the "Ritblat Endeavour Awards". Was it fun to have that extra element added to the Big Air contest? 

It was brilliant to win some money, thanks to Delancey. I think it makes you push that bit more to get a nicer trick and my cheque was for a nice 360. I'm saving already for a car (I would love a MK 1 caddy pick up); my dad is helping me! But I did buy some Lego too. After The BRITS I was invited to Italy to use the GB Park & Pipe air bag which was awesome... and I couldn't believe how many Lego shops were in Livigno!

So now that winter is now officially over, what is next for you? Any plans for the summer?

I've been skating lots. I was invited to do a Blue Peter challenge with a professional freestyle skateboarder which should be on TV in July. I've also joined a triathlon club with my mum and I'm doing my first triathlon at the end of June so that's really exciting. I'm not sure what's happening with snowboard trips just yet, maybe a Langraff trip in August? I'm going surfing with my German friend in July and GB Park & Pipe are hopefully organising a surf camp over summer with the Development Team so that will be rad to surf and skate with everyone. I'm also in my final year of primary school, so there's lots of exciting things happening at school too which I'm loving.

This season has been insane!! I would like to thank everyone that has been behind me: Sam, Lizzie, Jez, Ben K, Hamish & Jack - for help with the backies in Livigno:))) ; Si Cudlip for helping me at the world rookie finals; GB Park & Pipe Development Team crew for looking out for me in Laax; John Weatherly and Yung Doli for inspiring me all season:))) ; Elworth Hall Primary School for allowing me the time off... oh and my Mum and Dad xxx

Thanks also to Burton, Dragon, Howl, Stance, TSA, Soapbar, The Boobytrap, Chill Factore, Horizon, Force-Field Armour, Superfeet.

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