04 December 2017

Delancey's Ones to Watch: Mia Brookes

Delancey's "Ones to Watch" are back. Over the upcoming winter, British Ski and Snowboard and Delancey will be following 10-year old snowboarder Mia Brookes and 12-year old skier Bradley Fry in a series of interviews and blogs throughout their season of competition and training with the GB Park and Pipe Development Team.

First up Mia Brookes gives us a little insight to how she started snowboarding and what her plans are for the winter ahead:

How did you get into snowboarding?
My mum and dad are snowboarders and took me snowboarding when I was a baby. My dad used to carry me on his chest. Then once I could walk properly I got my first snowboard. My mum would carry my dad's snowboard while he ran next to me teaching me to ride, but when it got really steep he would put his board on and carry me down until it was easy enough for me to ride again. I loved it when he carried me, he went really fast!! 

Every winter we stay in our motorhome. My first 3 or 4 winters were spent in Grand Bornand, France, then once I could ride better we spent a few winters on the Montchavin campsite in La Plagne. When I got in to freestyle my mum and dad thought that Laax in Switzerland would be a good place to go to.

This will be our third winter there in our motorhome. It's nice having the motorhome because we travel to other places as well. I have been to lots of beautiful places and made lots of friends abroad. In my summer holidays we sometimes go to the glaciers in the van too.   

What have you been up over the summer? Have you spent a lot of time dryland training? Airbag sessions? If so, who have you been doing this with? Have you been away on holiday?
Over the summer I usually skate and ride motorcross, I ride at Chill Factore maybe once or twice a month too. I enjoy doing the indoor English, Scottish and British slopestyle Championships but don't ride any dry slope comps.

This year I was asked to ride on the Tamworth team for Championship Ski and Snowboard, so I have been riding a bit more to film for CSS. I also spent a week in Tignes at the start of summer with GB Park & Pipe development programme. It was good fun, I loved all the water sports activities that we did in the afternoons.

You’ve been part of CSS – how have you found that? Has it been fun being part of a team? Did you learn any new tricks or find out anything new from taking part in the league?

Championship Ski and Snowboard league was such good fun, however with Tamworth freestyle session being on a Tuesday night and me having school, it was hard to find enough time to film! I think I still managed to get some good tricks. I was so happy because I won best female ex trick and came second female overall.  They don't have a very good kicker at Tamworth but I think I did well with my ex tricks and rails.

What are your plans from now until Christmas? Are you part of any Development Team camps? How do you find balancing school and training?
We will be going to Laax again for Christmas and New Year. Now that I am on GB Park and Pipe's Development Team, school are fine with me taking some weeks off so I can ride with them this winter, but I am in my last year at primary school and I have my SATs in May so I will be concentrating on school as much as possible at the moment.


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