25 June 2018

Delancey's Ones to Watch: Brad Fry - Blog #4

As the curtain draws closed on another great season, the next one is right around the corner, so we caught up once again with Brad Fry to find out more about the tailend of his season and what his next plans are.

An epic winter has now finally come to an end! Tell us about your trip in April to Laax for The BRITS? 

Yeah winter has been really good, we had a lot more snow than expected. I was in Laax for just over two months over winter and made big improvement to my skiing. I was in a training with Joe Tyler and some of the DT boys which helped me really boost my tricks.

How was The BRITS and were you happy with your results? Did you land any new tricks that you've been learning this winter?

The BRITS were really good - I had a great time and it was good to see everyone in Laax. The Big Air was sick; I got 1080s on both my runs and held the grab for over 720 of the rotation so I was really happy with it, it was really good to get a gold medal :)

In slopestyle, I came second and tried to get a flowing run with a mix of switch, right side and left side spins which worked out really well. Really happy to get a silver medal. Halfpipe was a bigger challenge because I didn’t get much practice time over the season but it was great to get my runs down and I got another silver medal.

Now that winter is now officially over, what is next for you? Any plans for the summer?  

I've been skiing in fridges since we got home and I’m planning to go to either Cervinia or Langraff over summer; it would be really cool if I could go to America if possible! Other than that I’ve been chilling out with friends back at home messing about on my scooter and been climbing a few of times with my dad. I've also been playing fortnite :)


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