06 February 2018

Delancey's Ones to Watch: Brad Fry - Blog #2

Twelve-year-old Brad Fry is one of our Delancey "Ones to Watch" this season.
In his second blog for 2017/18, Brad lets us know what he's been up to recently, and what the next few months olds for him in the leadup to The BRITS.

What have you been up to since your last blog?

I had a break over Christmas and chilled out at home with my family. I got a new watch and scooter deck for Christmas which was really good.

My dad took me and my little sister skiing with some friends to Tamworth which was lots of fun.

I've also been to Milton Keynes a couple times on a Friday night. But mainly I was really looking forward to getting back to LAAX and skiing the P60.

The Olympics are next month.  What are you most looking forward to watching?  

I’m really excited to watch the slopestyle skiing and hope Woodsy and Tyler Harding do really well. I love skiing with Tyler and Woodsy as it makes me ski better and push myself. I want Shaun White to win the halfpipe as he goes massive; my dad says he’s a legend.

You are spending a lot of this winter in LAAX which I guess means you are learning some new tricks. We were wondering how you go about learning new tricks?  How do you get over the fear of trying something for the first time? Do you just take it straight to the slope or have you got some inventive ways to try and get it dialled before hitting the snow?  What tricks are you working on at the moment?

I am working on taking tricks to bigger features, and spinning on rails. I really wanted to K-Fed the down flat down rail and got it first hit. Then I got a 270 on to the gas pipe with a front swap then back 4 which I got straight after so was very happy.

I want to keep working on my spins and grabs so they are solid on the pro line.  Just need the sunshine to come out soon, we have had so much snow which is great as I’ve been skiing pow but I really want to hit the jumps.

I try not to overthink what tricks I’m doing and I like to build up to things, I like to just go for it when my mind is ready. Joe Tyler is coaching me in LAAX - he gets me to work on new stuff and makes it really fun at the same time. 

And to finish up, between now and The BRITS, what are your plans? 

I’m going to ski as much as possible. We are here in LAAX at the moment and are coming back in February.

I am entering the LAAX Open in March and want to do the Dutch Open before the BRITS so March should be really good and it will be a very good experience.

Here is an edit I made from LAAX: https://www.instagram.com/p/BeL6tXKlRAc/?taken-by=bradsfry


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