Marc Amann
17 December 2020

Dare to be Different with GB Mogul kit supplier Oneskee

Oneskee was launched in 2014 by myself (Josh Clifford) and my brother Scott. I had the idea for the brand on a ski trip to Les Gets/Morzine in the Portes du Soleil region of the French Alps.

After seeing what I thought was a pretty cool jersey onesie in a shop window in Les Gets town centre, I started thinking about why we don’t wear one piece suits on the slopes as much anymore. They are the perfect product to keep you warm and protected on the mountains, so why all of a sudden did we decide jacket and trousers were a better alternative, when they’re arguably not from a practical point of view?

It quite simply comes down to fashion trends, and the one piece suit had become ‘retro’. It had kept this label from the 80’s and amongst the hundreds of jackets and trousers you’d see on the mountains, there would be a couple of ill-fitting bright retro chevron ski suits dusted off by some of  the older generation for their weekend ski. I’m not saying this is a bad look by any means - the mountain is a place to lose all inhibitions and simply have fun - but you can see why the new generation of fashion conscious skiers and snowboarders weren’t inspired by this look.

So it all comes back to the question of why isn’t there a brand focusing on making arguably the most practical garment you can wear on the mountain modern and stylish again so it appeals to the younger generation? It didn’t make any sense to me.

Myself and my brother are a few years apart in age, and in 2014 he was already building a good career for himself in the clothing industry, whilst I was fresh out of university and embarking on a career in London within the music industry. One day not long after this, Scott emails me out of the blue off the back of a brief conversation we’d had many months earlier, in which I’d told him about my thoughts on there being a gap in the outerwear market for a modern one piece snow brand, to which he simply said; “I think there might be something in that idea you told me about…”.

I guess here you could say ‘the rest is history’, but the reality is although we are now six years on from launching Oneskee, this is only really the beginning. It’s not easy to build a brand from nothing in what is a very seasonal market, with a product that you could definitely describe as niche, but we believe that we’re now seeing a brand with a strong identity and clear direction begin to flourish. It’s been a hard work with lots of highs and lows as with running any business, but it’s also a lot of fun and the future is really exciting.

We’re incredibly proud of the products and style we have developed and how far we’ve come, and even though its more common these days, it still gives you a great sense of satisfaction when you see someone ski or snowboard past you wearing one of the products you’ve created. We’ve come a long way from boxing our first generation of ski suits in a living room and going down to the post office to send it, but having been through that makes it all the more worthwhile as you watch your brand progress and grow.

We now sell into over 50 countries worldwide, and every part of the process from design to manufacturing still goes through either myself or Scott. We also proudly sponsor former Olympic Champion snowboarder Hannah Teter and supply the kit to the GB Mogul team in their pursuit of Olympic glory in Beijing 2022. We have actually given the GB Mogul team the opportunity to design their own competition suit which they’ll be wearing this season, ahead of a commercial release for winter 2021/22. We hope this allows them to perform and feel their best on the moguls, as well as hopefully helping them with some funds in their quest for success.

We’re passionate about making a positive difference within snow sports beyond simply our products, and have lots of exciting plans in the pipeline for the future, so keep an eye out and always remember too Dare To Be Different.


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