28 May 2015

BSS Update on U14 and U16 International Alpine Racing

In the public meeting held by BSS during the British Children’s Championships, BSS committed to providing an update on some of the processes around selection for international races at U14 and U16 level for the 2015-16 season. Following the launch of the Home Nation squads and the BSS Alpine Development Group, BSS has also received a number of queries.

Selection to U14 International Races

Nominations are made by the Home Nations. These nominations are then considered in the context of the BSS U16 Selection panel. This part of the process has not changed for the last two seasons.

Selection to U16 International Races

Athletes are considered by the BSS U16 selection panel. Athletes do not have to be in a HN squad or the BSS Alpine Development Group, however for early season consideration they will need to have fulfilled the following two criteria:

- They will need to satisfy the BASS point related entry criteria for HN Squads and BSS Alpine Development Group (at final BASS point list of the season):

  • Ranked in the top 8 by YOB in SL
  • Ranked in the top 8 by YOB in GS
  • Ranked in the top 5 by YOB in SG
  • Being within 40 points of the top YOB in any of these disciplines

- They will need to have passed the pass/fail elements of the SSS/SSE ACE programmes. Those who are unsure what these tests entail should write to Tony Willis at bss@teambss.org.uk.

However, please note that passing these criteria will NOT guarantee a race selection.

Selection Criteria

Ultimately, selectors are asked to exercise their judgement,however, as in previous years they will be furnished with a range of information that they are expected to consider. In particular there is an examination of results at the major British races in addition to the BASS point information outlined above.

Timing of Selections

Selections for the early season races will again be made during September once the full programme has been established. The later race selections for the remaining programme of races will again take place in January and will reflect any early season BASS races. Athletes that produce exceptional performances in those races will be considered irrespective of the criteria outlined above.

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