08 August 2016

BSS Summer Series featuring Robert & Jake Lock

Over the coming weeks we catch up with our Team Athletes and Coaches to find out how they will be spending their summer. During this series we will cover injuries, rehab, training camps, new programmes and chasing winter in the Southern Hemisphere! 

This week we speak to British Ski Jumping twins Robert and Jake Lock!


How did you get into ski jumping?

Robert- I got into ski jumping because of a school friend who had started and asked us to join him.  That was 12 years ago when I lived in Calgary and I haven’t stopped since.

Jake- One of my class mates started ski jumping in Calgary and we joined him on a summer camp for one week and have been jumping ever since.


You train in Park City with the US Team, how’s that going?

Robert- It’s going very well, we mainly train with the local club in Park City, but whenever we go abroad we go with the US Team.

Jake- When the US Team is here in Park City we end up training at the same time.  They are all encouraging and we know each other quite well.  We travel with them when we compete and train overseas.


Have you been able to take a break over the summer? If so how did you spend it?

Robert- Not really, and the little breaks I’ve had were just to relax and to study how I could be jumping better once I got back. I help coach the younger kids so when I am not training I am usually helping them.

Jake- Since ski jumping is a year round sport, we get very little down time.  Since we have finished school we are working part time to help pay for our training, equipment etc , so when we do have a break in training we are usually working.  The summer season is actually a great time to improve our jumping as we have consistent conditions on which to train.



What are your aspirations for the coming season?

Robert- Right now I’m competing at FIS Cup levels and for the upcoming season I should be competing at the next level up at Continental Cup. My aspiration would be to compete at a World Cup level this next season.

Jake- We already have FIS points from last season and I would love to add to those with some more competitions and also be able to compete at the next level up at the Continental Cup level.  The World Juniors for ski jumping are being held here in Park City next February and I am really excited to take part in those again hopefully.


Follow what Robert & Jake are up to this summer here: 



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