08 August 2017

BSS Summer Series featuring Jostein Vinjerui & Hans Kristian Stadheim

Over the coming weeks we catch up with our Team Athletes and Coaches to reflect on their incredible achievements last winter and look forward to PyeongChang 2018. During this series we will cover historic milestones, testing out venues and preparing for the upcoming Winter Olympic Games.

This week we speak to British XC's Endurance Performance Coach Hans Kristian Stadheim and Sprint Performance Coach Jostein Vinjerui!


This summer you have been appointed as Head Endurance and Head Sprint coach for the British Nordic Team, how does it feel joining ranks with the Brits?

Jostein: So far it has been great. We are establishing a good system with BSS around the team. Head Coach Roy Young has built the team step by step in a very nice way, so hopefully Hans and I can help the group to take the next step. I`m very glad to get this opportunity, they are professional athletes who want to develop themselves and that’s exciting.

Hans: It's been a fantastic experience so far! I think that the "new group" of coaches and the "old staff" have found their roles very quickly, and by doing so I feel we are on track and are best able to utilise the knowledge within the team. I, myself, am very proud to be part of British Nordic skiing, and will of course do my best to make sure we are in a good position to win medals in the upcoming Olympics in 2018.

You’ve had a couple of camps in Scotland this summer, how did they go?

Hans: Being in Huntly and seeing where the lads come from was nice. The camp itself was perfect with lovely weather and it was great that we could join the local roller ski competitions that took place during the camp.

Jostein: The Camp we had in Huntly was very good. The weather was ‘taps aff’ the whole week, and the training surroundings were great. It was also good to meet the staff at Sport Scotland, whom the team has a close relationship with.


A partnership between British Nordic and Lillehammer Ski Club was also announced this summer, how do you think this partnership will help the team?

Jostein: This partnership is very positive for the team. The group is bigger, which is especially good for our only woman, Annika Taylor. It gives her training partners, and it is good for her to have more women on camps.

Hans: This partnership has so far added an extra spark to the whole team. Of course, it is good for Annika to have two other females to train with, but also the two Lillehammer girls have offered a lot of energy to the team as a whole. Team feeling and a positive spirit is always important when training a lot on camps.


Summarise your expectations for next season in 5 words

Hans: Britain's First XCS Olympic Medal!

Jostein: We`ll win medal in Olympics!

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