15 August 2016

BSS Summer Series featuring Jan Farrell

Over the coming weeks we catch up with our Team Athletes and Coaches to find out how they will be spending their summer. During this series we will cover injuries, rehab, training camps, new programmes and chasing winter in the Southern Hemisphere! 

This week we speak to British Speed Skier Jan Farrell!


How did last season go for you?

I started off really well with a 5th place in the Canadian World Cup, and it looked pretty bright after that! Unfortunately my mid-season crash at 134mph proved to be a bigger setback than I thought. Although my burns and bruises didn’t prevent me from racing the following days, my performance went down the drain during the rest of the season! In hindsight, I had convinced myself that I had overcome the crash, but in reality after video-analysis I saw that my body wasn’t responding in the same way to high speeds. I was sub-consciously braking! I still managed to finish overall 6th, with more WC points than last season. I’ve had to go back to the basics since, working my way up to regaining confidence at high speed.


You travelled to Cancun for the FIS Congress this summer, how was it?

It was fantastic! I had the opportunity to participate as a guest at the Athlete’s Commission, where I was able to offer input from a sports-management/business point of view, very fulfilling! The other athletes were great fun to be around, some really inspiring individuals. Lydia Lassila is particularly admirable: an olympic gold medalist, entrepreneur, mother of 2 and now blockbuster movie star! Our Speed Ski work went very well too, with some good progress on the media & marketing side, so stay tuned!


Have you been able to take a break over the summer? If so how did you spend it?

Not much really, just the odd long weekend. I’m pretty busy training and planning my wedding on 27 August in Prague! I’m now in Hong Kong for a week’s work. I’m certainly looking forward to my honeymoon in south-east Asia though in September ;) I’ll be back on snow in a month and a half, can’t wait!


What advice can you give to any skiers interested in taking up speed skiing?

To come to a training camp in Andorra or Austria and give it a go! It’s a safe and easy sport to try if you’ve raced alpine. The beauty is the difficulty of winning: investigating how to get more aerodynamic, how to interact with the terrain better and how to keep your skis flat at high speeds! If I could explain in words how good it feels to ski at over 120mph, we would have a waiting list!


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