Cara Brown speeds to the super G title (Vanessa Fry Photography)

The defending champions dominated the top step of the super G podium at the national championships today on a course which challenged even the best skiers in the field. Cara Brown and Iain Innes defended their national titles, with both skiers writing their name on the respective trophies for the third-straight year.


Cara Brown has made a perfect start to her week in Tignes, taking out her second title in as many days and defending the Sir John Ritblat Trophy for the super G national title.

Fresh from victory in yesterday’s downhill, Brown was once again first down the piste this morning and set a pace that could not be overcome.

Brown (1:27.22) claimed her third consecutive title ahead of 16-year-old Daisi Daniels (1:28.88) while Abi Bruce (1:28.88) finished third.

“Yesterday I wanted bib #1, but today I did not want bib #1 because the snow really changed between inspection and the race starting, so our line actually changed at the bottom,” said Brown. “Obviously I didn’t know that because I was bib #1 so I threw away more speed than I wanted to and when I came into the finish I thought ‘no, that’s never going to hold’.

“I guess it was a bit of a fight and I managed to get it in the finish today.”

Brown, who was denied a chance of a fifth-straight overall title in 2018 after breaking her leg in downhill practice, said her experience played a role in successfully adjusting to the conditions.

“I don’t really panic in Super G anymore,” she said. “As long as you know where the gates are, and if the speed’s higher than you expect or lower than you expect, then I know where to adjust my line now which is good.

“My biggest mistake this morning was I went too round; I thought the speeds were going to be higher than they were and then I didn’t make the adjustment quick enough so that’s why my top split this morning was really slow. Luckily I made up a bit here at the bottom, I’m not sure how!”

In addition to her silver medal, Daniels also picked up the Ingham Trophy for the top under-18 while Katie Stuart (1:31.51) won the BASI Salver for the best non-team athlete.

In the men’s race, Iain Innes (pictured right) defended the super G national title he shared with Charlie Raposo in 2018 to once again write his name on the British Land Trophy.

British number one and yesterday’s downhill champion Jack Gower set a scintillating pace through the first two-thirds of the course but came unstuck with three gates remaining to cruel his chances of raising another trophy in Tignes.

Innes (1:24.77) claimed the national title for a third-straight year ahead of downhill runner-up Roy-Alexander Steudle (1:25.05) and Owen Vinter (1:26.66).

The 20-year-old knew he’d have his work cut out for him against higher-ranked skiers today but used it as motivation to perform.

“I’m genuinely surprised this year; with Jack and Roy here who are obviously more speed-oriented there was a lot more competition than last year which really pushed me,” said Innes. “They both got me yesterday but it pushed me to do well in the national championship race.

“With it being such a high-level race and there’s good FIS points up for grabs everyone wants to push the limits but I knew from inspection today I wanted to ski a little bit smarter. It may not feel as nice, it’s going to feel messy, it doesn’t feel like you’re really going for it, but I think particularly for the bottom section today it was definitely the right thing to do.”

Innes said that while his results this year haven’t been a true reflection of the progress he has made in training, the national championships brings out his best form year after year.

“I don’t know if it’s the added pressure or what, but every year I seem to come here and do well,” he said. “This season’s been good; I’ve been skiing really well in training but not really got many race results. I got a few scores in China at the start of the season but in the European winter I’ve really not managed to get everything to come together.

“There’s so many things that need to line up in a race, everything needs to be working perfectly like a well-oiled machine and I just hadn’t quite figured it out. Maybe when I come here there’s a little bit of pressure and it ups the ante a little and things have clicked the last few days.”

Steudle was the fastest non-team skier for the second day in a row to win the BASI Salver, while Vinter added Under 18 Shield to his bronze medal.

LEFT Cara Brown claims the National Super G Championship from Daisi Daniels (2nd, left) and Abi Bruce (3rd, right); RIGHT Iain wins his third-straight National Super G Championship ahead of Roy-Alexander Steudle (2nd, left) and Owen Vinter (3rd, right).



The National Junior Championships results for the super G echoed those from the downhill with Iain Innes and Sarah Woodward (pictured) claiming victory in the under 21 category, while Owen Vinter and Woodward won the under 18s.

Innes (1:27.12) defended his National Junior Championship to once again win the Kandahar Commonwealth Cup ahead of Vinter (1:29.14) and Edouard Guigonnet (1:31.45) who finished third.

Vinter also collected the STS Shield for the fastest under-18 ahead of Guigonnet and Tom Hudson (1:31.87).

Woodward (1:31.71) won her second National Junior Championship in as many days to claim the Walter Hutchison Challenge ahead of Jess Anderson (1:32.48) and Abi Bruce (1:32.96).

Woodward also won the STS Shield for the under-18 crown ahead of Daisi Daniels (1:33.39) and Olivia Foster (1:34.06).

** With poor weather expected later in the week, Thursday’s events have now been scheduled for Wednesday and will feature the national championships for the Howden Men’s Giant Slalom and Howden Ladies’ Slalom.


LEFT Sarah Woodward is victorious in the Super G National Junior Championship ahead of from Jess Anderson (2nd, left) and Abi Bruce (3rd, right); RIGHT Iain Innes defended the Super G National Junior Championship with Owen Vinter (left) in second and Edouard Guigonnet (right) in third.



2019 DELANCEY GB ALPINE CHAMPIONSHIPS Tignes, France - Tuesday 2 April

Super G National Championships Results

Men’s National Championship 1st Iain Innes (1:24.77), 2nd Roy-Alexander Steudle (1:25.05), 3rd Owen Vinter (1:26.66)

Men’s Fastest Non-Team Athlete 1st Roy-Alexander Steudle (1:25.05)

Men’s Fastest Under-18 1st Owen Vinter (1:26.66)

Ladies’ National Championship 1st Cara Brown (1:27.22), 2nd Daisi Daniels (1:28.34), 3rd Abi Bruce (1:28.88)

Ladies’ Fastest Non-Team Athlete 1st Katie Stuart (1:31.51)

Ladies’ Fastest Under-18 1st Daisi Daniels (1:28.34)

Super G National Junior Championship Results

Men’s National Junior Championship 1st Iain Innes (1:27.12), 2nd Owen Vinter (1:29.14), 3rd Edouard Guigonnet (1:31.45)

Men’s Fastest Under-18s 1st Owen Vinter (1:29.14), 2nd Edouard Guigonnet (1:31.45), 3rd Tom Hudson (1:31.87)            

Ladies’ National Junior Championship 1st Sarah Woodward (1:31.71), 2nd Jess Anderson (1:32.48), 3rd Abi Bruce (1:32.96)

Ladies’ Fastest Under 18s 1st Sarah Woodward (1:31.71), 2nd Daisi Daniels (1:33.39), 3rd Olivia Foster (1:34.06)

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