16 April 2020

The British Ski and Snowboard National Foundation continues to break down barriers

The British Ski and Snowboard National Foundation continues to break down barriers allowing aspiring athletes to spend more time on the snow this year and further develop their skills.

The Foundation, which ensures financial constraints do not jeopardise talented athletes from fulfilling their sporting potential, has aided over 40 Athletes this year including Emma Peters, Ed Guigonnet, Alistair Hall, Leon Drynan, Joseph Rosenfeld, Charlie Muston, Cassius Loupis and Jay Hebblethwaite to name just a few.

Emma Peters has been supported by the foundation since it was launched three years ago and has gone on to challenge some of the best in the world. In the last few seasons Peters has completed 6 x top 10 Results at Europa Cup including a 3rd place finish in Villars Europa Cup and 21st place finish in her first World Cup event in Megeve, France.

Another long beneficiary of the foundation is Alpine racer Ed Guigonnet who has been able to compete and win the FIS CIT World Cup 2020, 5 FIS CIT podiums (1x1st, 2x2nd, 2x3rd). Guigonnet was also able to compete in the Welsh Championships because of a grant from BSSNF.

For Alpine racer, Hall the funding from the Foundation allowed him to compete in FIS races in Italy, South Africa, Switzerland and France as well as Great Britain. In thanking the contribution of the Foundation he said: 'I have become stronger in my mental approach to racing as I brought myself through a down period to achieve success in the later stages of the season. In doing so, I have improved my FIS points ready for selection for 2021.'

For Hall, the BSSNF funding allowed him to develop his technique, improve his speed and, most importantly, establish sporting friendships across the world of skiing - a sport he loves because it gives him the 'freedom of speed and performance that others don't get the opportunity to experience.'

Snowboarder Drynan combined national English and Scottish titles with an appearance at the European Youth Olympics in Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina which were the highlights of a 2019 season that, because of the contribution of BSSNF, was free of financial worries.

He added: "I got to train alongside some of the UK's top athletes and this allowed me to hone my skills and tricks. This has helped me carry on learning.' After a broken ankle, he is now keen to get back on the snow when the current Covid-19 pandemic allows.

For Joseph Rosenfeld an injury-hit season, which meant that the cross-country skier missed out on qualifying for the World Junior Championships, still had the upside of improving his performance by more than 100 points and he said:' The BSSNF has enabled me to spend more time on snow than ever before and this has helped me get by far my best results to date this season. The experience and snow time that I have got living at our base in Lillehammer has been vital and has given me so much motivation to train even harder over the summer and get ready for next season.'

For para Alpine skier Charlie Muston and the freestylers Cassius Loupis and Jay Hebblethwaite, the BSSNF has allowed them personal development and the ability to improve their skiing while still being able to concentrate on their education.

As all prepare for next season, they look back on 2019/20 season with thanks to the BSSNF for all their assistance and financial support.

To support the BSSNF you can donate here: http://bssnf.uk/donate.html



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