Zoe first learned to ski at the age 7 and continued to ski at the local dry slope about once or twice a year from then. At the age of 12 Zoe started race training with Midlothian schools race training through her high school. She continued to train on the dry slope with them and Lothian Ski racing association and started racing on dry slopes and in snow domes all around Britain. At the age of 16 Zoe raced her first ski cross race at the Scottish skier and boarder cross championships and made the decision to switch discipline to race ski cross. Zoe left school later that year in order to race full time out in Europe in FIS ski cross races and made it to the World junior championships that year where she finished 20th. She raced in the Europa cup tour the next season and with a couple of top 10 finishes she managed to finish 14th overall in the tour. She was selected to go to New Zealand to compete in the junior world championships again where she finished in 5th place.  Now Zoe continues travel around Europe with her sister Claire in the van that they live in during the season and competing in the Europa cup ski cross tour.   career highlights: WJC 2018 5th overall2017/18 europa cup tour 14th overall10th Idre Fjall Europa cup 2017/1810th Reiteralm Europa cup 2017/18