Career Highlights:

- Australia New Zealand Cup, Cardona NZL 2018

- Junior World Championships, Cardrona NZL 2018

Faith started skiing aged two and was dumped kicking and screaming into ski school at every opportunity on family holidays. After attempts at escaping under the kindergarten nets, she soon realised that it wasn't so bad after all and made it her mission to keep up with her older siblings and cousins wherever they went. She spent her winter holidays in Les Arcs and as her love for skiing grew, she decided around the age of 5 or 6 that she wanted to be a ski racer.

When she turned 12, Faith moved to Les Arcs for the winter and spent the next 3 years between schools in France and England. Her first experience of ski cross was the 2013 GMX, an open event held in Les Arcs at the time, and she enjoyed it so much that she entered the following year and grabbed 2nd place in the competition against the locals. 

After returning to England to start her GCSEs, Faith's dreams of becoming a ski racer slowly slipped to the back of her mind as the pressures of school increased and expectations to find a more suitable career were pushed upon her. She went on to study English, psychology and sports science at A Level but had no clue about what she wanted to do after college so decided to take a gap year and return to France to go skiing.

Before she left, Faith had seen an advert online inviting anyone who was keen to take part in an indoor ski cross race. Of course, she jumped at the opportunity and after taking first place she began to look into getting herself a FIS licence. She then spent the next season racing around Europe with the support of her family and has never looked back.