Career Highlights:

- GS, World Junior Championships, Are, SWE, 2017

- GS, Austrian National Championships, Goestling, AUT, 2017

- British Champion, GS, 2014, 2016 & 2017

- Top Ranked British GS Skier, 2016

- SL, Nor-Am, Panorama, CAN, 2015

Charlie Raposo, aged 21, is one of Britain's top alpine skiers. Having grown up in England until 13, with frequent recreational ski holidays in Verbier, Switzerland, it wasn't long before his parents couldn't get him off skis. After three years of racing and training in Europe with British programs he moved to Vermont, USA to attend a ski academy. That benefitted in far more ways than just his skiing. He gained incredible experience thousands of miles away from home and learnt far more than how to ski fast.

Since finishing school, he has committed to competing at the top level of ski racing. For this year Charlie joins the new British European cup team while aiming to better his world ranks and get as many opportunities as he can to compete at the top levels of ski racing.  He has competed at the World Championships, World Junior Championships, European Youth Olympics, as well as competing on the North American Cup Tour and European Cup Tours. 


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