Coaches & Support team

  • Sophie Morrison

    Olympic Team Manager

  • Alex McKeown

    Performance Scientist

  • Brett Moore

    Director of Marketing & Communications

  • Maddy Hunter

    Park + Pipe & Moguls Programme Manager

  • Lesley Mckenna

    GB Park & Pipe Programme Manager

  • Zak Willis

    Project Manager Finance & Governance

  • Alex Bucknall

    FIS Licence & Competition Coordinator

  • James Redpath

    Para Programme Manager

  • Jayne Kavanagh

    Head of Paralympic Culture & Operations

  • Lucy MacKenzie

    Alpine & Nordic Programme Support

  • Andrea Grant

    Financial Controller

  • David Young

    Finance Director

  • Bridget Owen

    Safeguarding Lead

  • Paul Trayner

    Alpine Director & Alpine Discipline Committee Chairman

  • Mark Ritchie

    Head of Talent

  • Chloé Greenwood

    Executive Assistant

  • Juliet Foster

    Alpine Children's Team Manager

  • Josh Haughton

    Legal Intern

  • Dr Jenny Shute MBE

    Youth & Children's Alpine Consultant

  • Pat Sharples

    Head of Coaching

  • Hamish McKnight

    GB Park & Pipe Head Snowboard Coach

  • Jamie Matthew

    GB Park & Pipe Head Ski Coach

  • Jack Shackleton

    GB Park & Pipe Assistant Snowboard Coach

  • Alison Robb

    GB Park & Pipe Team Physiotherapist

  • Reinhard Fernsebner

    GB Alpine Head Coach

  • Tristan Glasse-Davies

    Tristan Glasse-Davies

    GB Alpine Men's WC Head Coach

  • Noel Baxter

    GB Alpine Ladies' WC Coach

  • Stefan Leitner

    GB Alpine Europa Cup Coach

  • Jai Geyer

    GB Alpine Men's WC Coach

  • Tadej Platovsek

    GB Alpine Ladies' WC Technician

  • Mario Rafetzeder

    GB Alpine Europa Cup Coach

  • Alasdair Morton

    GB Alpine Men's WC Technician

  • Branko Surla

    GB Alpine Men's WC Wax Technician

  • Jo-Aleksander Lænn

    GB Cross Country Wax Technician

  • Jostein Vinjerui

    GB Cross Country Team Manager & Coach

  • Hans Kristian Stadheim

    GB Cross Country Endurance Performance Coach

  • Guillaume Nantermod

    GB Ski & Snowboard Cross Head Coach

  • Jerome Choupin

    GB World Cup Snowboard Cross Coach

  • Bertrand Couette

    GB Moguls Head Coach

  • Array

    Allo Delnoije

    Parasnowsport Head Ski Technician

  • Seb Mansart

    GB Telemark Head Coach

  • Array

    John Clark

    Para Alpine Head Coach

  • Array

    Simon Nicholson

    Para Snowboard Head Coach

  • Array

    Catherine Smaill

    Parasnowsport Head Physiotherapist (Scottish Institute of Sport)

  • Mike Whealey

    GB Aerials Team Manager

  • Array

    Scott Crawford

    Parasnowsport Head Strength & Conditioning Coach (Scottish Institute of Sport)

  • Array

    Kelley Fey

    Parasnowsport Lifestyle & Psychology Lead

  • Millar Reid

    GB Speed Ski Head Coach & Discipline Committee Chair

  • Prof Mike Loosemore

    GBS Chief Medical Officer

  • Helen Galashan

    Performance Lifestyle Advisor

  • Adrian Pery

    Telemark Discipline Committee Chairman

  • Christian Ewald

    Nordic Discipline Committee Chairman

  • Richard Gower

    Alpine Discipline Committee Vice Chairman

  • Chris David

    Freestyle Discipline Committee Vice Chairman

  • Colin Holden

    Snowboard Discipline Committee Chairman

  • Iain Mackay

    Freestyle Discipline Committee Chairman